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God sees into our heart

David’s Story: God Sees The Heart Of Us

David, the shepherd boy-turned-king and famous author of the Psalms, is perhaps one of the most complex characters in the Bible. At times, he displays examples of great faith, leadership and spirituality. Yet, these admirable qualities are often starkly contrasted against deplorable choices and wicked actions for which he was responsible. David – A Man […]

Faithful Abraham is the father of us all if we choose it

Abraham: Father of the Faithful

I heard a sermon recently about the life of Abraham and it got me thinking a lot about the man, his life and the choices that he made. There’s very good reasons why he’s described in the Bible as “the father of the faithful” (Romans 4:12) and “the friend of God”. It’s worthwhile considering these […]

An inconsequential outsider, Ruth, provides to be a vital link in God's story

Ruth: The Inconsequential Outsider

The Interwoven Word of God The word of God is like a vast tapestry, its main theme interwoven with many sub-plots and side stories that run like golden threads through an intricate design. Each of these threads compliment the complete telling of God’s story and confirm again and again to us the way in which […]