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Righteousness of God

The Righteousness Of God: Part 2

You’re sitting undercover one afternoon and you begin to hear drops of rain on the roof. There’s not many to begin with and then it starts to get heavier. It’s such a beautiful afternoon, so you decide to stand out in the rain. You move out from under the cover of shelter and you just […]

God and His righteousness

The Righteousness From God: Part 1

“The Gospel is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes… for in it the righteousness from God is revealed’.” – Romans 1:16-17 One of the most moving subjects in the Bible, which is at the heart of the Good News, is called ‘the righteousness from God’. What is ‘the righteousness from God’, […]

life with jesus is the ultimate good news

Life With Jesus: The Ultimate Good News: 2

Imagine someone asks you, ‘What is it you deeply want and desire that would make you the happiest you could be?’ — Before you answer however, imagine the person who asked the question is the wisest, most knowledgeable, most understanding, most loving and most good-willed person towards you, who knows you better than you know […]

The Ultimate Gospel Good News

The Ultimate Good News: 1

If a person was asked, ‘What do you love most in life?’ surely, above all objects, all possessions and all experiences, they would answer with a person in their life. To have all else in the world – all property, all scenery, all exquisite food and drink – but be without the people we love, […]

Imagine a king who serves the servants

The King Who Serves

Imagine a king in his throne room, sitting on his royal throne. He is dressed in all his royal regalia, with a glistening crown upon his head and a golden sceptre in his hand. Set before him is a long, royal table, beautifully set for his guests, who will be eating before him on this […]

Jesus and the Resurrection

The Resurrection Of Jesus

To the thoughtful mind, the greatest argument for the resurrection of Christ must always be the fact that Christianity rose with its founder. Nothing but resurrection can explain the transformation of the men we saw running in panic from Gethsemane into the fearless evangelists of the Acts of the Apostles. Transformed These cowed, despondent men […]

The Bible is full of the Good News

The Good News In All The Bible

Much of the Bible is dedicated to expressing the awesome beauty of God, and then calling upon people to live and reflect Him in their life. When we read these parts of the Bible, it can feel impossibly heavy: ‘How can I possibly live like this? I’m nowhere near the beauties and excellencies of God!’ […]

Baptised and saved


Everyone wants something to believe in. From aliens to political conspiracies, from the supernatural to the meaning of life, flat earth theory (yep, it really is a thing) to climate change; we’re all looking to take a position on something. We’re all looking for a belief or an opinion to call our own. Often, our […]

Carried by Jesus the saviour

Carried By The Saviour

Every saviour brings a special experience to the people they are saving. All saviours, whether they be paramedics, surf-life-savers, or rescue helicopter pilots, bring with them the experience of relief, comfort, alleviation, peace and rejoicing to the people they are saving. These are the natural experiences connected with a saviour. A saviour brings the comfort […]

The gospel is the power of God for salvation

The Power Of God

The greatest writer on the subject of the Gospel – the Apostle Paul – spoke of the Gospel like this: “The Gospel is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes…” – Romans 1:16 If your experience of the Gospel is one that is heavy, burdensome, worrying, doubtful, uncertain, fearful or distressing, perhaps […]