What Is Riverdove?

Riverdove is a Christian* community, focused on knowing God more deeply, growing closer to Jesus, becoming better people within the wider community and sharing what we believe to be truly exciting and hopeful news for the world. The name ‘Riverdove’ draws its inspiration from the story of Jesus’ baptism, found in the four gospels (Matt 3:16-17, Mark 1:9-11, Luke 3:21-22, John 1:29-33).

A Complete Lifestyle Change

In Jesus’ time, baptism had become a popular event among the people, with many coming to the River Jordan to spectate on and participate in “the baptism of John the Baptist”. For many, however, it was more like a trendy lifestyle marker, rather than a complete lifestyle change.

John the Baptist made it clear when addressing the crowds that a little water meant nothing if they weren’t prepared to change their lives. Baptism was intended to bring people to an acknowledgement and repentance of sin. Not only that, it needed to ignite the kingdom life within a believer, changing men and women from the inside out. It was, and is, a demonstration of belief in God and acceptance of His saving work.

Jesus, as part of the human race, was exactly like us. As a descendant of Adam, and a recipient of the condemnation passed on humanity due to Adam’s sin, he also needed reconciliation back to God. This way of reconciliation was going to be made available through his sacrificial death and subsequent resurrection, some three and a half years later.

Jesus was the first baptism into his name and he showed the way forward for all humanity. By being baptised, he blazed a path for all believers, enabling them to participate in God’s wonderful plan. The prophet Isaiah described the effect of Jesus’ in this way:

A voice cries: “In the wilderness, prepare the way of the LORD; make straight in the desert a highway for our God.” Isaiah 40:3

Upon rising from the water as a ‘new creation’, God’s Holy Spirit came to rest upon Jesus, in the form of a dove, marking his approval from God and his veracity as God’s son. This is a beautiful echo of the story first told to us in Genesis, where “God’s spirit hovered “like a bird” over the waters”, before beginning His incredible creative work.

We feel the name “Riverdove” is descriptive of our values, mission and goals as a community, and that it connects us in a very elemental way with Jesus – the man, his work and mission, and his status as God’s son and saviour of the world.

The word “Christian” is used in a broad sense, and in conjunction with the definition found in The Australian Oxford Dictionary, Third Edition: “adj 1. of Christ’s teaching; believing in or following Christian religion”. We are, of course, aware that there are many different denominations of ‘Christianity” to be found throughout the world, and that they will often differ, both in theology and practice. If you would like to know more about the theological beliefs of the Riverdove Community or how these beliefs look in a practical way, we’d be happy to share these with you. Just drop us an email or contact us by phone or via social media!

Why a “Community”?

A community is made up of individuals from all different backgrounds or situations who come together with certain goals, ideals or interests in common. They are united by their commonality of those interests or goals, not necessarily by their similarity of person.

The word “community”, we feel, is in line with the original apostolic idea of having “all things in common”, that is Life With Jesus. It’s on this basis that we all come together regularly for worship, social events, prayer and singing and to truly celebrate a free life in Jesus. We believe this aspect of community is so critical when considered in the light of Life With Jesus.

Christ’s Body – A Well Functioning Community

Paul the Apostle speaks at length about our individuality and how important each person is to God. Believers are described collectively as a “body” (I Corinthians 12:12-13), and, as with the human body, this body of believers is made up of many different parts. None is better or worse, just different – and all are valuable to a well-functioning body. Corinthians tells us that “God has carefully placed each part of the body right where he wanted it”.

Again, as with the human body, this “body of believers” is governed or directed in all its functions by the head, which is Jesus. In fact, this body of believers is actually called “Christ’s body”. (I Corinthians 12:27). It is remarkable that God has designed the human body – every part dependent on every other part – as a working model for understanding our lives together as a community of believers.

Further recommended reading on the subject of the community of believers as “Christ’s body” can be found in 1 Corinthians 12

Get To Know Us

The Riverdove Community is filled with people just like you; we’re mums and dads, singles, couples, retirees, kids and teens – all just doing life, like you are!

We love to kick back on the weekends and enjoy time with family and friends around a bonfire or over a barbie. We love gardening, our pets, recreational sports and comfortable downtime. We also love meeting new people, getting to know our neighbours and having a great heart-to-heart chat about life.

We’re farmers, artists, musicians, baristas and potters, as well as IT geeks, students, business owners and corporate professionals. In fact, we’re a real ‘potpourri’ mix of personalities and occupations! But the one thing we all have in common and which unites us is our love of the gospel message and choosing to do ‘life with Jesus’.

When all’s said and done, we’re a friendly bunch and we’d love to say hi. Why not get to know us?

What are the Values, Mission and Goals of Riverdove?

Growth and relationships among believers is at the core of Riverdove Community's inward focus


Life, Growth and Relationship within the ‘scattered’ Body of Christ

Sharing the good news of God's message is at the core of Riverdove Community's outward focus


Outreach and Sharing the Good News

Worship, prayer and communion are at the core of Riverdove Community's upward focus


Worship, Prayer, Communion/Fellowship

Riverdove, as a part of God’s kingdom community, seeks to both embrace and extend the Good News, endeavouring to live the message Jesus spoke and walk the path Jesus walked. This means sharing life together, really seeing each other and helping carry each other’s burdens. It means speaking words of hope and healing to each other and blessing all we come into contact with from the overflow of love we have received.